Esme's Top Fives
World of Monarchs is still a bit new, and maybe confusing if you're newer to WoX in general, so check out this amazing blog from one of our Storytellers, that'll help you out a LOT!

- From : Cyrus Brown

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Dahlia Brooks

Dahlia Brooks Amazing Esme! I reccommend all these things to do when starting out as well!

Neveín Brothaigh

Neveín Brothaigh A great read and an excellent tour of the site! Well done Esme!

Esme Bissonnette

Esme Bissonnette Thank you all!!! <3 it was super fun to write!

Margrave Jeremimum

Margrave Jeremimum Excellent blog post, Esme! :D

Paloma Vega

Paloma Vega Great list! Totally happening

Serena Venier

Serena Venier ohh amazing article Esme! These are definitely my top 5 as well!

Jaqueta Palencia

Jaqueta Palencia Great article Esme, a very good top 5

Andrew Ashworth

Andrew Ashworth This definitely is awesome for new users! Can't wait to see more from you!

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Wonderful article Esme and great Top5!

Kiara Reyes

Kiara Reyes I love this! Great article Esme <3

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