Find out when and where the infamous holiday of Halloween originated from! A one-time article for the holidays, keep a lookout for more holiday-themed articles in the future...

- From : Eloise Levesque

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Carson Black

Carson Black I love Halloween!

Allina Fairbairn

Allina Fairbairn One of my favorite holidays so it is always fun to learn more about it!

Isa Wallace

Isa Wallace Very well written article! Happy halloween!

Serena Venier

Serena Venier Wow this is such a pretty spooky article! Didn't know this is how Halloween started! Happy Spooky season! <3

Ramona Flores

Ramona Flores Samhain is my favourite

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Happy Halloween All! Great to read the history of this great holiday.

Dahlia Brooks

Dahlia Brooks So interesting!! Happy Halloween everyone!

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