The Royal Match: Catherine of Aragon
In this article, we will be describing what Cathrine of Aragon's personality traits we match with in this new fun way called "A Royal Match"

- From : Georgia Clearless

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Carlos Jua-Baro

Carlos Jua-Baro I think I'm more of an Anne Boleyn haha

Florence DuLacy

Florence DuLacy oehh this is great

Anna Blair

Anna Blair Wow, this is good! :D

Ciaran Durand

Ciaran Durand Fun!’probably more of Henry haha

Juanita Perez

Juanita Perez I see a lot of Juanita in Catherine of Aragon.

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Not sure which I’ll be. Can’t wait to read the others

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Love it!

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