Luana's Cooking Corner - Vol 2
Fancy some recipes, information on food, or inspiration for your own food journey? Don't worry, I got you! But be careful, don't read when hungry.

- From : Luana Preston

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Alina Daylight

Alina Daylight Why did I read it when I was hungry?? Excellent article Luana, you made me salivate

Lorenzo De Carvallar

Lorenzo De Carvallar I did heed such warning. I was hungry when reading xD. An interesting and informative article, Luana. Thank you. I shall keep in mind the ingredients *notes down*

Florence DuLacy

Florence DuLacy Oeh yummie, you got me hungry again!

Ava Hay

Ava Hay I love Savoy cabbage! Great article Luana! Lovely to see recipes for a vegetable not commonly used

Evelyn Whitewood

Evelyn Whitewood How interesting! Loving those recipes and facts! Want to try them, even despite the fact that I am not very fond of cabbages. (I'd like to add another fact, though: cabbage head is a pretty good insult to use on your fellow enemies!)

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