Intro to Jobs


Welcome to Word on Monarchs! If you're a student, or like me and can’t handle a full time job just yet- student staff is just what you're looking for! Not only do you get a pretty color to flaunt around chat but also an amazing team to work with! Now, a job isn't all fun and games- you have responsibility to take on.

Now, what job should you take on? There are so many jobs to choose from each with a unique task! Today, I’ll be breaking that down for you!


Student Jobs: Directory

To start us off, Assistant Tutor

An assistant tutor- like the name suggests helps our lovely tutors! As an assistant tutor your job is to help teachers grade homework and to answer student questions! Assistant tutors may choose the class that they help tutor for based on one's interests. This job is a great starter job for those who are looking for something that's not too time consuming and love to help out.

Next the Guard Team

As a guard you have the most responsibility of the student staff. These people are in charge of moderating chats, closing inactive topics and generally enforcing the rules. To be a guard you should spend a decent amount of time on the site and be able to resolve conflicts on the site if they arise.



The lovely lilac organizer team is in charge of organising plots and events on the site. From anything from topics to canary cream plagues, that's the organizers team. The organizers are the behind the scenes for the site coming up with events and fun things for users to do!


Salmons! Do you love writing? Have you dreamed of being a journalist writing a hard hitting exposé? The bards are for you! To be a bard you can be a part of one of two papers- you can choose between a gossip or news based paper! A bard writes an interesting and engaging article every week!


The amazing storyteller team! The story tellers work on social media and blog posts for the site! If you enjoy SoMe and like working in a communications position this team is for you! Storytellers write all the way from informational blogs like this one to “meet the staff” posts on instagram!

Scroll Writer

For those who have dreamed of writing books you will find your place on the scroll writer team. This job is much more of a working solo job, so this is an amazing job for the introverts out there. As a part of the scroll writer team you write and code informational books for the site.

Flying Squad

Another perfect beginner job! If you like reading backstories and profile texts this job is gonna be a perfect fit. As a part of this team you read through back stories and profile texts to make sure they follow the rules. You also help new and old members write interesting backstories for their characters.


If art is your calling, join the painters! The painters do the art on the site, the shop items to the anagram art- that is done by our amazing painter team. If you like to draw and come up with new ideas I encourage you to look into the painters team!



Keep in mind for all these teams you have to apply! If one of these teams caught your eye check out the link below to the clubs page where you can find contact information and applications! Have a magical day~

Coraline Vinci