What's It Like Having A Job: Regent Edition
Storyteller: Cyrus Brown | Court Emissary: Cyrus Brown
Hi there amazing users! For this weeks blog, we have our first edition of "What's It Like Having a Job"! This blog will feature a member from each team we offer here on World of Monarchs, and we'll be hearing a little about each members experiences, how they like the job, and what they believe it means to have a job!
This week we will be focusing on the Regents, and to represent the Regents we have our amazing French Regent, Céleste Bissonnette! She has quite a few lovely things to say about her job, and having a job in general!
Words from Céleste:
"To me, having a job and being a part of the World of Monarchs Staff Team means that I have to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Whenever I log onto WoMo, I have to remember that the red cherry-looking color that goes with my name is a symbol of responsibility on-site. Anything I do will reflect my position. With this being said, I try to present myself in a way that anybody on-site will feel comfortable to approach me in a letter or in chat if they wish to! I absolutely love helping people and watching my Frenchies grow/develop is an amazing feeling.

I think all staff should have a similar mindset where communication can be open between members and staff, while also having staff set a positive image in chat.

You have no idea how much I love my job as Regent. While I have quite a few responsibilities, I think my most favorite one is highlighting the "Frenchie of the Week" in an article. If I could, I would dedicate an article to every one of them since they're all so amazing but that's not very realistic so instead I make sure to recognize all of the hard work and effort one of them puts in.

I'm still new to it and the only thing that I've run into that I don't particularly enjoy is handing out the milestone gifts. I don't hate it but I have a few tabs open and have to switch between them repeatedly while other pages process requests and it makes my little Macbook work very hard."


Personally...if you guys ask me, being a Regent sounds like it requires a lot of dedication and time so I do appreciate the hard work our current four Regents put into our site! They're all very amazing, and we hope they stick with us forever! and ever and ever

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Application for Storyteller:

➣ Be atleast 13 years old IRL
➣ Have time to post a blog each week
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Application Must Have:
➣ Character name and IRL age
➣ Why should you be hired?
➣ What can you contribute to the team?
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➣ A blog post idea fully explained and written(coded or not coded)
➣ Extra Users
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