Welcome to WoMo!
The first EVER blog to be posted on World of Monarchs, giving you a small introduction to the media of the site!

- From : Cyrus Brown

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Paloma Vega

Paloma Vega Great first blog

Anna Blair

Anna Blair Noice! :D

Claude Donadieu

Claude Donadieu Looking forward to seeing the jobs fill up :D Lovely code Cyrus!

Kenjji Norman

Kenjji Norman Whoo-hoo go apply everyone!

Dahlia Brooks

Dahlia Brooks Eeek! Amazing! Apply everyone, I can't wait to read your (students' and Cryus's) blogs!

Neveín Brothaigh

Neveín Brothaigh Amazing first blog post! Great job, Cyrus! Ho and join this wonderful man’s team!

Ramona Flores

Ramona Flores congrats on your first blog!

Kiara Reyes

Kiara Reyes Amazing Article! Go apply ♥♥♥

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Woop! Go apply!

Asterin Salvaterre

Asterin Salvaterre I love it!!

Shelby Bruelle

Shelby Bruelle Woot woot, first blog, awesome!

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