Intro to Jobs
Still new to the site, but would love a pretty colored name? Well check out this blog, as it gives you an amazing introduction to each of our amazing student jobs here on World of Monarchs.

- From : Cyrus Brown

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Claude Donadieu

Claude Donadieu Lovely blog here - go apply folks! The jobs are all so much fun :D

Alice Lovelace

Alice Lovelace Oooh....Backstory or art would be fun!

Isa Wallace

Isa Wallace Looks absolutely wonderful Coraline! Now that I'm a guard I'm curious to see who will fill the other positions! ♥

Margrave Jeremimum

Margrave Jeremimum Best way to know about the jobs is through this post,Coraline! Detailed :D

Anna Blair

Anna Blair If you're interested in some job, feel free to poke one that you want to work for to get more infos.

Lucas Hyde

Lucas Hyde Fantastic job on the blog post! Couldn’t have explained each of the jobs more perfectly ^^

Dahlia Brooks

Dahlia Brooks A great and informative guide to the basic responsibilities of each student job! Loved it!

Ava Hay

Ava Hay Wonderful blog post Coraline! Love it!

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