What's It Like Having A Job: Regent Edition
Are you curious what it's like having a job on our wonderful site? Well, check out this blog and hear about personal experience from some of our amazing staff members!

- From : Cyrus Brown

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Claude Donadieu

Claude Donadieu Lovely interview!

Isa Wallace

Isa Wallace Such an amazing blog post Cyrus! I feel like Céleste explained a lot about what she does as regent! ♥

Ava Hay

Ava Hay LOVE THIS So much. So nice to read a little more about Cel and her job.

Lucas Hyde

Lucas Hyde Magnificent article *claps*

Jaqueta Palencia

Jaqueta Palencia A wonderful article, you are an amazing regent Cel!

Dahlia Brooks

Dahlia Brooks You're an amazing Regent Cel!

Allina Fairbairn

Allina Fairbairn This was a fantastic blog and I really loved seeing Celeste's love for her job and the site. She is truly fit to be Regent of France!

Eliseo Céspedes

Eliseo Céspedes A fantastic work and insight...I shall use this intel

Céleste Bissonnette

Céleste Bissonnette You captured my good side :P Wonderful blog, Cyrus!

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